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With Signing of Ed Reed, Texans Receive More Than Strong Defensive Presence

Posted on 25. Oct, 2013 by in NFL

When the Houston Texans signed veteran Ed Reed to a free agent contract worth $15 million over three years, it wasn’t just to increase Texans tickets sales, they expected to add depth and experience to their defensive secondary. What they did not expect was for Reed to become the vocal and encouraging leader that had been absent from the Houston defense for the past few seasons.

Although Reed was sidelined until the Texans’ game against Reed’s former team, the Baltimore Ravens, Reed made his presence felt by encouraging the younger players to play the way he had grown accustomed to while a member of Ray Lewis’ defense in Baltimore. Many of the Texans officials and members of the coaching staff commented on Reed’s work ethic in rehabbing the torn labrum in his hip as setting an example to all of the other players on the squad. Reed apparently made every effort to contribute to the team in any way he was able, despite not being able to participate in many of the Texans’ practices until more recently.

When Reed was finally cleared to play, the Houston Texans were able to see the true value in signing the veteran out of Miami to a free agent contract. Reed has shown his trademark ball-hawking abilities, while also bringing a more aggressive attitude to all members of the Houston secondary. While he has not necessarily produced impressive stats since his return, it is clear he has made a tremendous impact in areas that are difficult to quantify with statistical analysis.

A nine-time Pro Bowler, it has been evident that quarterbacks still respect Reed’s abilities as a defender. The ball has not been thrown his way very much, meaning he has successfully neutralized the opposing team’s best receiver on reputation alone.

Since Reed is still recovering from the labrum tear, the Houston Texans only expect him to continue to improve as the season goes on. As Reed’s timing improves, it is likely that the Texans’ defense will continue to be an intimidating group for opposing offenses.

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