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Will the Dodgers Run Continue?

Posted on 28. Aug, 2013 by in MLB

With the big news attracting some real attention to LA, the Dodgers have a lot of buzz going. Powering through the season with an intimidating record, it goes without saying that the strongest competitors are hoping to knock them from the top of the totem pole. But will the Dodgers run continue? Taking a look at the burst of media attention and continued attendance late into the games, some people are wondering if their impressive run will steam forward or be stopped dead in its tracks.

While it is fair to wonder what will happen in future games, their daunting streak has successfully transformed the Dodgers into a monster that will not be easy to take down. Keeping the competitors who will be stepping up to take their shot at the Dodgers in mind, it is clear that baseball is going to be secure in the spotlight over the next few weeks. Fans in the stadium, and those listening/watching from elsewhere are sure to be tuning in to find out if their recent loss to the Red Sox will prove to be a fluke, or a sign that the Dodgers are starting to feel the effects taking their toll.

Having generated a large amount of talk throughout the media and sports scenes, attendance at the stadium is unlikely to be a concern for the foreseeable future. And whether fans find themselves cheering the streak forward or hoping for a big loss, everyone will have to tune in to the upcoming games to see what the Dodgers are really made of.

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