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Why Masters Tickets Are In High Demand

Posted on 23. Jul, 2013 by in Golf

The Masters golfing tournament is held in Georgia, at the Augusta Golf Club. Traditionally, this marks the beginning of a new golfing season. This contest is broadcast the world over, and players are invited as guests.

For all professional golf players, the Masters is the most highly regarded title that they can win. It is the 1st of 4 major golfing tournaments for men, which culminate on the 2nd Sunday of April. Furthermore, the Masters tournament is among the most popular golfing events for betting. Other golfing tournaments popular with gamblers include the British Open, the US PGA Championship and the US Open. Due to its’ status as a premier sporting event, the Masters Tournament is managed meticulously by the staff at the Augusta Club, under the supervision of Chairman Billy Payne.

Golf is 1 of the world’s oldest games. Golfers are only allowed to participate in the Masters tournament if they satisfy 1 of 17 criteria, or if they receive a special invite. Golf betting really took off once pay per view TV channels began to broadcast tournaments from across the world into the homes of armchair golf fans.

Undoubtedly, Masters tickets are a highly prized possession, as they are the hardest tickets to obtain out of all sporting events. Masters tickets have been handed down from 1 generation to another, and they have been the subject of divorce ruling disputes. As well as being the most important golfing tournament, the Masters has stood the test of time, as it originally began in 1934.

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