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What can Fans Expect From the Return of Kobe Bryant?

Posted on 03. Dec, 2013 by in NBA

Kobe Bryant has been a big name in basketball for many years. Having recently signed a sizeable contract to keep him wearing the Lakers jersey for another two years, some fans have expressed frustrations and disapproval with how the deal worked out. Even as the ink dried on the 48.5 million dollar contract, NBA commentators and fans began to feel real concern for the good of the team. However, as the line has been signed, fan attention is slowly beginning to be directed towards how Kobe Bryants return might affect the upcoming season.

What fans will receive in the new basketball season is, as always, an educated guess at best. With Kobe Bryants return following a substantial injury, a torn Achilles tendon, many people fear that his performance will fail to meet the bar that his new contract has set. During his first practice back on the court, plans to keep drills slow were quickly pushed aside as the team did their work. Although this is a good sign, it has yet to calm the heated discussion.

With any luck, Kobe will have what it takes to bolster the team in the upcoming season, but fans will probably be forced to accept that he will need to adjust his game according to his own limits. After a significant injury, fans can and should expect Kobe to walk onto the court with confidence, but perhaps with a bit more reserve. While there is no doubt that Bryant has been a big name in basketball, he has his future to consider, and that is likely to start surfacing in the way he plays the game.

Regardless of which side of the fans fall on regarding the financial section of his contract, Kobe Bryants return stands to boost the Lakers manpower on the court. Now resuming practice with the team, it seems that all eyes will be fixed on L.A.’s Lakers. If his performance is able to mesh with the team, given the need to adjust the way in which he pursues each win, fans can expect an interesting season to be sure.

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