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Untied States once Again among World Cup Qualifiers

Posted on 21. Nov, 2013 by in Soccer

There are certain sporting events that everyone recognizes, whether they are a sports enthusiast or not. For instance, almost everyone knows that the Superbowl is a giant American football game that is accompanied by snacks of many varieties and commercial advertisements that cost millions of dollars. The word Olympics brings thoughts of the signature Olympic rings, flags and much pageantry with the games. The World Cup Qualifiers are just as well known and has its own signature items that make it stand out from other famous sporting events.

The World Cup competition noted as a football competition, however in America it is referred to as soccer, so as not to be confused with American football. This event is held every four years and is played in by men’s national teams. This competition has been hosted since 1930 and has only missed twice, in the years of 1942 and 1946 because of WWII. Currently, Spain holds the Championship title, won in the 2010 tournament that was held in South Africa.

Brazil is the country that has won the World cup competition the most times, totaling 5. The other teams who have won repeatedly are Italy, West Germany, Argentina,  and Uruguay.  Over 700 million people were estimated to have watched the last match in the 2006 World Cup competition that was held in Germany, making it the most widely watched sporting event in History.

The next World Cup Competition is set to be held in Brazil during June and July of 2014. Teams are now in fierce competition to become World Cup Qualifiers. To date, we know 31 of the 32 nations that will be competing in the finals in Brazil. The final team will either be Uruguay or Jordan, depending on their playoff game. It is assumed that Uruguay will be the team going, but as with all sporting events, surprises happen, and many are waiting to see which team will be headed to Brazil.

Soccer, or football, as it is called in the rest of the world, is definitely gaining popularity in the United States. Many large cities now have soccer stadiums and league teams compete for U.S. based rankings. The United States has qualified for every World Cup competition since 1990, though they are still waiting to win the series.

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