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Top Prospects for the NFL Draft

Posted on 06. May, 2015 by in NFL

The 2015 NFL draft is over, and football fans are now looking forward to 2016. In the upcoming months, players are likely to stand out, including these top prospects.


Shawn Oakmen

Oakmen is a defensive end at Baylor. He is a transfer from Penn State and very popular around the web. He is known for his tall frame and standout high school performance. Oakmen holds the school record for completing 11 sacks during his junior year.


Joey Bosa

Another defensive end that stands out is Joey Bosa from Ohio State. His stats are noteworthy, and he performed extremely well during the national title game against Oregon. He finished the season with 13.5 sacks and 21.5 tackles for loss.



Many teams are interested in Hackenberg, a quarterback from Penn State. He has the physical makeup of pro QBs and is a great passer. If he is consistent, Hackenberg has the potential to dominate in the NFL.


Laqoun Treadwell

Treadwell is a wide receiver from Mississippi who is a great option for teams that were interested in Kevin White, Amari Copper, and Devante Parker during the 2015 draft. The only concern is whether or not Treadwell will make a full recovery from his knee injury last season.


Vernon Hargreaves

Florida has a top cornerback in Hargreaves. He is considered to be the best at his position and will most likely be the first corner drafted during the 2016 rounds.


Derrick Henry

Henry is a running back from Alabama. He forced a split backfield against the 2015 draft pick, TJ Yeldon. When the 2016 draft arrives, teams that need a RB will likely choose him or Ezekiel Elliott from Ohio State.


Myles Jack

UCLA has a top outside linebacker named Myles Jack. He is considered to be this year’s equivalent to Shaq Thompson. Jack is very athletic and actually plays running back as well. The big question is whether he will play offense or defense when he is drafted.


Stay tuned to see how these players perform and if they get drafted in 2016.

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