Tips and Tricks for Getting an Autograph at Spring Training

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Baseball | XLSportsBlog.comEvery year as the weather warms up, baseball fans from across the country converge to enjoy spring training. Professional teams hit the fields to practice, work out the kinks and prepare for the upcoming season. For those who plan a vacation around the event, it can be a great way to get up close and personal with a favorite player. Scoring an autograph requires some extra work, but these tips can help you have a better chance of getting the John Hancock that you have always dreamed of.

Pick the Right Location

Many fans assume that the right place to be to get an autograph is near the dugouts. In reality, most players do not take a lot of time to sign in that area, and if there is a big crowd around, you may not be able to get to the player in time. Instead, try to catch the players as they enter and exit the stadium. Depending on the position of the player, you may want to scout out a spot where they warm up. For example, if you want a pitcher’s autograph, stand learn the bullpen.

Time it Right

Professional baseball players are not paid to sign autographs. They are paid to play the game. As such, fans should not expect a player to drop everything to sign a card. You should be willing to show up to a game early and stay late in order to catch the playing coming or going. It may be better to try to collect autographs at a practice during spring training, since players have a little bit more flexibility.

Behave Yourself

Though you may not realize it, players notice fans and how they behave in the stands. A fan that is loud, rude or pushy is less likely to get an autograph than one who is polite and kind to those around him or her. If you want an autograph, you need to be willing to be on your best behavior.

Spring training is a great time to see your favorite team on a more personal level, and leaving with a bunch of autographs can make it extra special.


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