Three Worst Teams In Baseball

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Three Worst Teams In Baseball | XL Sports BlogOne of the great things about baseball is the fact that almost every single team feels like they have an opportunity to make the playoffs early in the year. Realistically, only 33% of the franchises will be playing in the month of October. That means 20 teams will be sitting at home, and at least a few already have a somewhat bad feeling about 2015. Here is a look at the 3 worst teams on paper going into the season.

Philadelphia Phillies

Not only do the Philadelphia Phillies already looked bad on paper, but there is a very good possibility that they will be even worse if/when they trade away Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. Those 2 talented players in fantasy baseball have value, so Philadelphia would be smart to try and build up their minor league system and start from scratch by trading them to a contender. Right now, this team has a very negative outlook and they are filled with older players. That is not exactly a recipe for success.

Colorado Rockies

Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez are still pretty talented in fantasy baseball, but who else is actually going to contribute to make this team a contender? Not only that, but they are stuck in a division with 2 of the best teams in baseball, plus another franchise that invested a lot of money over the winter in San Diego. Barring a miracle, the biggest questions in Colorado this summer will involve who to trade and who to keep.

Minnesota Twins

One more year. Fans in Minnesota need to understand that management needs just one more year to really start showing the future of this franchise. Unlike the other 2 teams mentioned above, Minnesota has one of the most talented minor league systems in the game. The problem is, their best players are just too young to contribute much if at all in 2015. This will be a year in which they will just try a bunch of different combinations to see what works.

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