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The X Games Has Changed Sport As We Know It

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One of the seminal moments in modern sporting events happened in 1995. It was the year of the first X Games. The events featured at the games were extreme, fringe sports that had become popular in the previous decade. Young athletes were trying to find a place for themselves, and venues in which to perform their death defying tricks and stunts.

Just like the Olympic Games and other major international competitions, athletes compete to win a gold, silver, or bronze medal and for the title of champion. The first ever Extreme Games competition was held in Rhode Island. It featured relatively few events centered around skating, biking, and outdoors activities such as climbing. Nevertheless, it was such a huge success that the producers of the games decided to hold it again the next year.

With each additional year more and more events were added, and the games soon became a highly anticipated event by pros and spectators alike. One of the reasons the event is so popular with the public is the accessibility of the athletes. Ongoing during the games are concerts and festivals where athletes can mingle with the spectators and enjoy good food and drink while listening to the most popular music.

The X Games helped to give an entire generation a sport venue of its own. As it continues to grow every year it is the poster child for fun, energy, and adrenaline.

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