The Utah Jazz will Bounce Back in 2015 |

The Utah Jazz will Bounce Back in 2015

Posted on 02. Apr, 2014 by in NBA

The Utah Jazz is one of the most proud franchises in the NBA. With only a small handful of losing seasons in the past 30+ seasons, Jazz fans may have a hard time swallowing the performance of the team during the current season. Presently sitting at 22-43, and at the bottom of the Western Conference, the Jazz are struggling through one of their worst seasons since moving to Utah in 1979. Current difficulties aside, however, the Jazz have a bright future, as they boast a bright young core of players, and look to be positioning themselves for a high pick in a hotly anticipated 2014 draft. Here are some of the reasons investing in Utah Jazz tickets for the 2014-2015 season could be a worthwhile endeavor for fans.

One of the goals leading into this season was getting the young player acclimated to bigger roles. Each of them has shown plenty of potential in his own way, and those flashes should lead to bigger things next year and beyond. Rookie point guard Trey Burke, while struggling with his shot, has proven to be a capable floor general. While he is rarely flashy, and likely will not convince fans to buy Utah Jazz tickets alone, he consistently gets the job done. Wing player Gordon Hayward has been somewhat inconsistent, but when he is on top of his game, he is among one of the better all around players in the league. Big men Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter have both shown improvement and have shown that they are capable of anchoring the low post both offensively and defensively. Perhaps no player has grown as much in the last couple of months as shooting guard Alec Burks, who has shown he is capable of scoring in bunches.

Buying Utah Jazz tickets for next year will give you a chance to see a team on the rise. If they are lucky enough to land another strong player in the draft, next year could be the year they return to the playoffs.

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