The US and the World Differ When It Comes to Top Viewed Sports Games |

The US and the World Differ When It Comes to Top Viewed Sports Games

Posted on 24. Jan, 2014 by in NFL

To determine the most-watched sports events in television history, it’s important to specify which television history you mean. When it comes to the top viewed sports games in the US for example, the contest is not nearly as exciting as the sporting events themselves. It is hardly a contest at all; the Super Bowl takes the cake, hands down. The NFL Super Bowl does not only dominate other sports-related broadcasts in the USA, but it tends to hoard at-home viewership away from any type of TV show at all.

Almost half of the top-rated 25 television shows in US history so far have been Super Bowls. In fact America’s very most-viewed television event was a Super Bowl. Last year’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLVI on the NBC network still holds the record, as it broke the record set previously… By the preceding year’s Super Bowl.

As for the worldwide record for the top viewed sports games on television, that goes to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. The game was shown in every single country on Earth, as well as all of its territories, even the Arctic Circle and Antarctica. The single broadcast smashed several national TV-watching records in the process.

Domestic (as opposed to public, i.e. in pubs or sports bars) television viewership coverage of the soccer championship surpassed 3.2 billion people the world over, which translates to over 46 percent of the Earth’s human population. Not all of these viewers were glued to the screen for long; these stats are based on the number of viewers that watched only for over one minute. But it is nevertheless an amazing figure.

There are also multi-day sporting event broadcasts to consider, in which category the Olympics of course takes the gold. According to the global information and measurement organization Nielsen Media Research,  the 2008 Summer Olympics are currently not only the top viewed sports games but also the top viewed multi-day broadcast of any sort, sporting or otherwise. Nielsen Media Research estimates that as many as 4.7 billion individual watchers tuned in for at least some of the televised coverage. This is a figure which represents a whopping 70 percent of the global population.

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