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The Top 4 Dodgers of All Time

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When picking the top four Dodgers players of all-time, there will undoubtedly be some big names left off the list. As one of the most tradition-laden franchises, the team has boasted many of the biggest names in Major League Baseball (MLB) history since their inception in 1884. First playing on the east coast in Brooklyn, the team shocked many by moving cross country to settle in Los Angeles in 1957. Since moving to LA, the “Boys in Blue” have been known equally for great pitchers and hitters. Here are four of the best players in Dodgers history, including both the Brooklyn and Los Angeles eras.

No list of all-time Dodger greats would be complete with Jackie Robinson, who tops this list. Robinson was no doubt a great player, but his accomplishments on the field are dwarfed by the social ramifications his status as the first African American in modern MLB history hold. Winning the inaugural National League (NL) Rookie of the Year award in 1947 and the NL MVP in 1949, he was a versatile player who played multiple positions over the years.

Sometimes overlooked on lists of all-time great catchers is Roy Campanella, who won the NL MVP in 1951, 1953, and 1955. Campanella was a competent backstop defensively, but it was at the plate where he truly stood apart, hitting over 30 home runs in a season four times, and over 40 one time. Tragically, his career was cut short in 1958, as he was paralyzed in a car accident.

Topping off the list of all-time Dodgers greats are two names who must be mentioned side-by-side: pitchers Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale. Koufax won three Cy Young awards in his career, and accomplished the rare feat of winning the NL MVP as a pitcher in 1963. Drysdale was often in the shadow of Koufax, but was excellent in his own right, winning the Cy Young award in 1962.

The Dodgers are one of the most accomplished teams in Major League Baseball, but are not content to live in the past. In 2014, they will look to add to their total of World Series Championships.

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