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The News Of The NBA Offseason

Posted on 02. Jul, 2013 by in NBA

Now that LeBron James and the Miami Heat have been crowned repeat champions, the NBA offseason is upon us and all thirty teams are struggling to improve their fortunes for the upcoming season during this summer.  What are some of the big news stories and big names that will be on the move this summer?

Opting Out Of Contracts

In the NBA, only a few teams will go into next season confident enough to be title contenders.  All of those teams will be a priority destination for free agents who want to win a title.  Some have gone so far as to opt out of their contracts.  Monta Ellis and Andre Iguodala have both opted out of their contracts and become free agents, while Greg Oden followed that road and is believed to be interested in signing in Miami. 

Trades And Moves

One trade expected to go down in this NBA offseason is the Celtics moving Rajon Rondo.  After starting an altercation with teammate Doc Rivers in the dressing room, the Celtics want to make sure that there are no bad apples around their players going forward.  Rondo would fetch a decent price and is speculated to go to the LA Clippers.

Drafting Up

The Cleveland Cavaliers hold the number one pick in the NBA draft and it is on sale to the highest bidder, even if no trade develops.  Cleveland wants to improve their team writ large, meaning they may pass on super-talented prospects like Nerlens Noel, thought to be the first name announced.

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