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The Most Successful Coaches of all Time

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Ask any sports enthusiast their opinion on the most successful coaches of all time and you are bound to get a variety of answers. A successful coach will have a passion for the game; communicate with his players effectively; and know that winning means more than having the high number on a scoreboard. If you are using statistics to define the most successful coaches of all time, there can only be a few.

For football, Vince Lombardi, best known as head coach of the Green Bay Packers, holds the number one spot if you include both regular season and off-season wins.

Baseball managers have longevity to their careers not seen in other sports. You might have a coach be on the list for the best and worst simultaneously. Connie Mack, manager of the now defunct Philadelphia A’s, has the record for the most wins and losses, but Joe McCarthy, most renowned leader of the New York Yankees, holds the best record percentage wise.

In the NBA, a few have made it long enough to have an illustrious career. Phil Jackson led first the Chicago Bulls and later the LA Lakers to a record 11 championships, six and five respectively.

For the NHL, the coach with the most Stanley Cup victories goes to Scotty Bowman, formerly of the Detroit Red Wings and currently with the Chicago Blackhawks. He has the highest winning percentage of the NHL as well.

The most successful coaches of all time are loved by their fans and players alike. It is their drive and passion that turns players into victors.

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