The Most Debilitating Injuries in Recent U.S. Sports History |

The Most Debilitating Injuries in Recent U.S. Sports History

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Kevin Ware

One of the more gruesome recent sports injuries took place during an attempt by Kevin Ware to block a three-point shot by Tyler Thornton in an Elite Eight match against Duke’s Blue Devils on March 31, 2013. Ware landed awkwardly on his right leg, shattering his tibia and suffering a compound fracture requiring surgical implantation of a metal rod. Coaches and teammates were visibly shaken at the time of the injury, and Ware reported that bone was protruding from his leg.

Derrick Rose

In the first round of game one of the 2012 playoffs, against the Philadelphia 76ers, Derrick Rose suffered a major injury in his left knee, bringing a painful end to the season for the Chicago Bulls star. A later MRI showed that Rose had torn the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and after surgery on May 12, 2012 it was estimated he would need an 8-12 month recovery period before returning to basketball.

The Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers seem to be falling apart.  With the loss of Dwight Howard and an injured Kobe Bryant, the beginning of the season already looked disastrous.  No one would have expected players like Steve Blake, Xavier Henry, Jodie Meeks, and Jordan Hill to step up and play as well as they have.  Without their superstar the Lakers were holding on, until injuries became an issue.  Steve Nash has been out for over a month, and shows no signs of returning.  Pau Gasol has an injured foot and continues to play, sluggishly.  Kobe is working off his Achilles injury, and is returning, but not to the fullest like Lakers fans would hope.  Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar, who have played exceptional basketball this season, are both out for weeks.  The Lakers can’t seem to find a break that isn’t debilitating.

Robert Griffin III

After an injury-ridden opening season Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins was finally laid low by a major injury to his right knee during a playoff game against the Seahawks in 2012. During the fourth quarter Griffin twisted his knee behind him, and subsequently had to recover from a torn lateral collateral ligament (LCL), ACL, and meniscus.

Derrick Roland

The Texas A&M University guard suffered a savage injury in a 2009 game against the University of Washington, breaking his right leg in two places. A metal rod was later implanted to repair the shattered tibia and fibula, but the image of the gruesome injury is hard to forget.

E.J. Henderson

Linebacker E.J. Henderson’s season with the Minnesota Vikings ended abruptly in 2009 with a broken thigh bone. Henderson suffered the injury after colliding with the helmet of one of the opposing players of the Arizona Cardinals. Memorably he was accompanied by his younger brother as he was being carried off the field. Henderson fully recovered from the injury in 2010.

Tyrone Prothro

In 2005 Tyrone Prothro suffered one of the most debilitating recent sports injuries, during his junior season, when he snapped both his fibula and tibia in his left leg. Prothro’s injury was so devastating that he was never able to return to the game.

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