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The Drama Of The NBA Championship

Posted on 30. May, 2013 by in NBA

Each year, the intensity and the passion of the best basketball players in the world comes to center stage in the NBA Championship, the best of seven tilt that pits the strongest team from both Western and Eastern conferences.  This year, the San Antonio Spurs in the West have locked in a championship berth for the fourth time in the past decade, while the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers are tied up for control of the East and the ticket to the finals.  What are some of the story lines coming in?

It’s Good To Be King

Last year, LeBron James took the star-studded Miami Heat to the NBA Championship and took home the franchise’s second-ever title.  This year, James and the Heat look like surefire favorites to repeat.  “King James” has turned in a season that will likely net him his fifth MVP title, leading the Heat to twenty-seven straight wins and the first overall seed in the National Basketball League.  Whether he will lead the Heat past the Pacers is anyone’s guess, however.

Spurred To New Heights

If anyone can stop the Heat, however, it may be Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs.  Having lost only two games in the entire first three rounds of the playoffs, the Spurs have been doing more than winning — they have been dominating.  Beating the Lakers in four straight (including a 120-89 thrashing), they only surrendered a single regulation loss against Golden State before sweeping the Memphis Grizzlies team that had dispatched the conference favorite Oklahoma City Thunder.

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