The 2013 World Series is Already One for the Record Books |

The 2013 World Series is Already One for the Record Books

Posted on 29. Oct, 2013 by in MLB

An exciting World Series is just getting underway with three wins for the Boston Red Sox, and two wins for the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals had one last chance for a home field advantage with their game on the 28th of October. However, the series is still, quite literally, anybody’s game. This is the 4th time Boston and St. Louis have met in the MLB World Series.

History in the Making

Each World Series is an event much anticipated by baseball fans all over the globe. While many years’ series have relatively uneventful matchups, this year’s equal matching has proved to delight fans and has kept things interesting until the last innings.

Game 3 of this year’s MLB World Series was particularly exciting because the game ended with a controversial call. The third baseman for the Red Sox was called on an obstruction penalty after accidentally tripping up a runner after losing control of the ball. The Cardinals won that game 5-4 in what was a nail-biter.

Some people assumed that the Red Sox would sweep the series after their opening blowout of 8-1 in the first game, but the Cards have given them a run for their money. Unless either team wins two more games in a row, the series will go to seven games, with the last two games hosted by Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox.

Buying Tickets

Getting tickets for the last games of the 2013 MLB World Series will be very difficult, but not impossible, especially if you have a lot of money. If you do find tickets, they will likely be much more expensive than the original face price. You may have better luck getting tickets next year by purchasing your World Series tickets early as soon as they go on sale. Baseball fans only have a few more nights of this exciting matchup before the baseball champion of the world is crowned. Show your support for your favorite team by tuning in.

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