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Teen Athletes In Treatment

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Life doesn’t stop or even slow down: this is one thing that makes getting treatment hard.  For teens, life is especially busy, often packed full of responsibilities, obligations, social dates, teams, instruments, schoolwork, and family time.  One of the overwhelming aspects teens might feel about getting treatment for Mental Health or Substance Abuse Disorders is the sense that they can’t afford to take a time out from their lives and let things suffer, as a result.  They worry about missing class, getting behind on schoolwork, missing team practices, training sessions, and/or games.  Even when teens know they’re struggling and might be overwhelmed with feelings of Anxiety, Depression, and/or the negative effects related to a Substance Abuse Disorder, they still might have a difficult time making the decision to put their own well-being before their academic or athletic performance.  As a means to eliminate this necessary sacrifice during treatment and assure that these teenagers make the right decision to get help, some treatment centers have begun offering Academic and Athletic Support Programs, specifically geared toward students and athletes.

One such program is Paradigm Malibu’s Young Athletes Program, which facilitates intensive physical and mental support and training for athletes in treatment.  The program, led by clinical psychologist and former Olympic athlete Dr. Michael Graham, essentially bridges the gap between teen treatment and sports training and psychology.  While in treatment addressing Mental Health or Substance Abuse issues, the teen athletes in this program also have daily sports psychology sessions, fitness and strength training, sports specific nutrition plans, access to specific sport practice, and athletic mentoring.  Teens in the Young Athletes Program also participate in performance enhancement drug education, have support working with coaches and recruiters, academic support from tutors, and engage in FLOW for performance enhancement, a psychological approach designed to help people implement the optimal experience, be it athletics or otherwise.  The program’s design is based on Paradigm’s overall holistic therapeutic approach and their primary goal of creating each treatment plan according to the teen’s needs and goals.  Specific to athletes, Paradigm’s leaders state the importance of a program like this being to help ensure that the positive forward movement teens are making in their lives continues, as much as is possible, throughout and following treatment.  Especially for teens that are in their junior or senior year, and close to graduating, this type of athletic support makes sense, especially in cases where college decisions, visits, and/or scholarships are at stake.  This sort of concentration on the positive aspects and interests of teens is at the heart of Paradigm’s approach, which is focused on teens’ strengths and interests, versus their negative symptoms and behaviors.

The Young Athletes Program is led and carried out by Dr. Graham, with support from a combination of other professional therapists, athletes, coaches, teachers, and nutritionists.

Paradigm Malibu is a Malibu, CA-based adolescent drug and mental health rehabilitation center with an integrated sports program for teen athletes, with treatment focusing on intensive physical training in addition to mental support. For more information, please visit http://paradigmmalibu.com/.

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