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Reasons to love NCAA Football

Posted on 13. Sep, 2013 by in NCAA

Bias exists in many areas of life, such as politics, religion, and culture.  It may come to its apex in college football.  People take sides, and they desperately want to be right.  It is part of the fun.  Ohio State fans will likely never develop a warm feeling in their hearts for Michigan.  Texas and Oklahoma do not share tailgating recipes on the sideline.  Alabama and Auburn?  Do not even think about it.  Oregon’s and Oregon State’s rivalry game is actually called a civil war.  Absurd it may be to outsiders, but such blind fan dedication is part of what makes college football great.  The results on the field are important, but they never sway true fans.

One thing true football fans cannot deny is that the Southeastern Conference has dominated national titles for years.  The University of Alabama has won three of the last four titles, despite the best efforts of Notre Dame, LSU, and the University of Texas.  Coach Nick Saban seems to create a juggernaut of a team each year no matter what other teams do.  In 2012, Alabama lost a mid-season game to Texas A&M and its phenomenal quarterback, Johnny Manziel.   Yet that loss did not stop the Crimson Tide’s quest for back to back championships.  In 2013, the clash between Alabama and Texas A&M will be greatly anticipated.

College football is also one last connection to youth for older fans.  Alumni show pride in their alma mater, even if they never set foot on an athletic field.  It is easy to buy school hats sweatshirts online. When Saturday rolls around in the fall, fans can forget about work or chores.  It’s time for some football!

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