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Plays From the Bench Earn One Player the MVP Award

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Cavaliers fans hoped for a seventh game, but the 2015 NBA Finals came to an early conclusion following game six. The Golden State Warriors fought their way to a 105-97 win over Cleveland, marking the first time in forty years the franchise finished at the top of the league. Though Stephen Curry and LeBron James lead the Warriors and Cavaliers, respectively, it was Golden State’s Andre Iguodala who took home MVP honors for the finals.

Far From the Favorite

The announcement that Iguodala had been selected as the the most valuable player of the finals was met by audible dissent from the fans. Iguodala sat on the bench as the first three games of the series tipped off, entering later in play to make an impact defensively against James and add his share of points to the board. Curry and James were favorites for MVP selection, leaving many to wonder why a player excluded from the starting lineup had been selected.

Curry’s Record-Setting Season, LeBron’s Legacy

Though Curry was snubbed when it came to receiving MVP recognition for the series, he took the regular season award for his impressive performances. James equally impressed fans and analysts as he carried the injury-plagued Cavaliers through the playoffs.

  • Curry hit 98 3-pointers during the playoffs, smashing a Reggie Miller’s fifteen year-old record of 58 3-pointers while playing for the Indiana Pacers.
  • Curry accounted for 25 points of the final game, taking home his first championship in his first MVP season.
  • James posted 32 points, 18 rebounds and 9 assists in the final game, outscoring the next closest teammate by 17 points.

Kerr Defends the MVP Selection

While raucous fans expressed disappointment, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr applauded the work done by Iguodala during the series, explaining that he had been a key element in their path to victory. Kerr chose to limit Iguodala’s regular-season playing time to preserve his strength for the finals. Iguodala put up 25 points in the series finale, making enough of an impact off the bench to earn MVP honors for the 2015 Finals.

Wednesday night, Golden State took home their first championship trophy in forty years. Though the MVP selection surprised many, the Warriors proved that each member of their team had the stamina and skill to rise to the top as champions.


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