Plan Your 2014 World Cup Trip Today |

Plan Your 2014 World Cup Trip Today

Posted on 03. Dec, 2013 by in Soccer

The 2014 World Cup will be hosted in São Paulo, Brazil, which means many people will be visiting from foreign countries. Devoted soccer fans will want to make all of their travel plans as soon as possible, including buying tickets to the event itself. You can make your trip to the World Cup in 2014 unforgettable by carefully plotting out every detail in the months ahead. First, start by comparing ticket prices and seating options until you come across the best deal. After acquiring World Cup tickets, you will want to get a hotel room and search for flights.

Hotel rooms during the 2014 World Cup will be hard to come by very soon. Top rated hotels will probably become fully booked first, followed by popular hotel and motel chains. Bed and breakfasts in Sao Paolo are a good option for travelers that want to save money. Make sure that your hotel room is close to the Arena de Sao Paolo so that you don’t have to spend extra on transportation.

Airline tickets to the World Cup have been slowly steadily since the event location was formally announced. You will want to fly into São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport, but you can also choose another nearby airport and find a connecting flight. Several international airlines are offering discount airline tickets to travelers to the 2014 World Cup, so be sure to investigate all of your options.

The teams competing at the World Cup in 2014 will likely have thousands of supporters from their home nations flying to Sao Paulo. The streets of São Paulo will be lined with visitors from every corner of the globe, which will make things exciting and hectic at the same time. Come to the World Cup fully prepared with World Cup tickets and hotel accommodations so that you can take in the sights and cheer for your favorite team. The World Cup is an international event that soccer fans look forward to once every four years, so plan ahead to secure your place in sports history.

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