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Oregon Escapes With a Slap on the Wrist

Posted on 01. Jul, 2013 by in NCAA

The past decade in college football has been one filled with a high level of excitement and controversy.  With highly prestigious programs like USC and Ohio State receiving NCAA sanctions that include revoked scholarships and bowl bans the Oregon Ducks appeared to be the next of these programs to feel the power of the NCAA.  However, yesterday it was announced that Oregon will be under probation for the next 3 seasons and over the course of that time will lose a total of three scholarships, with the scholarship penalty being imposed by the school itself.  As well, coach Chip Kelly is not allowed to coach a college program during this time however this will likely not affect him as he was hired as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles this summer.

In my opinion Oregon’s punishment was far too lenient as the other programs previously mentioned are still affected by their sanctions to this day.  USC lost over 20 scholarships and had a 2-year bowl ban for the reckless behavior of one former player, while Ohio State had a one year bowl ban and loss of several scholarships last season.  In fact, Ohio State made a strong case for being in last year’s national title game however were unable to do so due to their penalties.  With Oregon not having to adhere to a bowl ban there will likely not be a drop off in their recruiting as well as only having lost three scholarships over 3 years will have little to no effect on the overall prosperity of their program.  Ultimately, the Ducks escaped what could have potentially crippled their quickly growing football program and they will no doubt be at the forefront next season and once again be in national championship contention.

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