MLB Offseason Moves Keep Fans Buzzing |

MLB Offseason Moves Keep Fans Buzzing

Posted on 04. Dec, 2013 by in MLB

The MLB off-season is a time when many fans feel as if their beloved sport will never return. While fans writhe in the agony of the seemingly eternal off-season, the beginning of the next year can feel like a countdown to disaster to the people behind the scenes. There are countless MLB off-season moves being made by team managers, players fighting for the chance to fill an opening on a strong team, and even the officials that will rule over each inning now that the stadium lights have gone out. 

Many fans hear rumors during the off-season about where potential game changers might end up. However, the rumors barely scratch the surface of game planning. While the Giants inch closer to an agreement with Ryan Vogelsong, fans might wonder why so many of the rumors are not as clear. For example, the Rockies keep talk going about Justin Morneau being a possibility, but also seem partial to James Loney. What some of the more passive fans may not know is that trades and contracts can be extremely political, and many of the rumors that hit the headlines are fall back plans should prime discussions fail.

Of course, MLB off-season moves involve management too. With a number of managerial openings available on several teams, like the Mariners and Cubs, the direction and focus remains undecided which can make it difficult to rein in the off-season chaos. Questions arise about the potential of certain teams if they can hang onto certain players or pick up others, and may make a difference in how the manager cards fall in the coming months.

Even officials are feeling the pressure as the need for changes in how the calls are made became clear over recent years. Fans may not be aware of the fine details that go into rule-making and instant replay expansion, but they will certainly see the effects as their teams hit the field again in March.

The truth is that MLB off-season moves have a lot to do with how teams will fare over the next year. What feels like an eternity to die-hard fans can be a looming deadline to the managers, players, and officials running to work out the details before the first pitch of the season. Though the stress may be high for the MLB, it is sure to keep the fans buzzing.

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