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Looking Toward the Remaining Half of the NFL Season

Posted on 31. Oct, 2013 by in NFL

The NFL season has just passed its halfway mark for its fourteen week season. There have already been upset, and blowouts, with more than one team breaking the hearts of their fans. Weeks 9 and 10 are sure to be just as exciting as the first 8 weeks of season play.

November Football Fun

November is many people’s favorite month for football. Autumn is fully underway in most parts of the United States, and football season is in full swing. The Thanksgiving holiday perfectly combines with football and many people will be boning up on their favorite teams before turkey day.

The last game of October will be a spooky matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals (whose colors are appropriately orange and black) versus the Miami Dolphins. If you want to settle in for an evening of great football and trick-or-treaters, don’t miss this game.

The Sunday matchups are what many more people will be following as there are several highly anticipated games both on November 3st and November 10th. Many eyes will be on the Kansas City Chiefs as they are the only remaining team in the NFL with no losses for the 2013 season. It should be an exciting matchup with the Chiefs against the Buffalo Bills who still have a lot to prove this season. They will be fighting hard not to disappoint their fans.

Finding Tickets to See Your Team Live

 There is still plenty of football to be had, but tickets are selling out quickly. You may be too late to find affordable tickets for the holiday games. To search for regular NFL season games, search your favorite ticket vendor for great seats at reasonable prices.

If you have tickets that you no longer need, or cannot use, you can sell those tickets online and get some extra cash in your pocket. The NFL season is only about halfway finished so there is plenty of time to find buyers for your unwanted tickets or to get seats at what you think will be an exciting matchup. Find information about all your sports teams at PostPinions.com

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