Johnny Manziel Is Once Again the Talk of College Football |

Johnny Manziel Is Once Again the Talk of College Football

Posted on 18. Oct, 2013 by in NCAA

Whenever the subject of college football is brought up, it has become nearly impossible to complete the conversation without mentioning last year’s Heisman Trophy winner, the much-maligned Johnny Manziel. To many observers, the gifted Texas A&M quarterback has come to represent all that is wrong with collegiate athletics, with reports of underage drinking and improper benefits following him everywhere he goes. Focusing on Manziel’s extracurricular activities has cast an unfortunate shadow on the outstanding season he is currently having, one that should have him win a second-consecutive Heisman Trophy, which would be the first time that has happened since Archie Manning won his second Heisman way back in 1975.

It is important to ignore those off-field issues, which have been largely over-dramatized. In fact, one could argue that Manziel has been better behaved this past offseason than the previous one, during which he was arrested on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct. Photos have surfaced of Manziel partying, drinking and signing autographs, but at least there were none of Manziel in handcuffs this time around. When one ignores those issues, it is clear that Manziel is the best college football player in the country. His team, Texas A&M, has been consistently ranked in the top ten nationally, despite fielding an absolutely atrocious defense that may be one of the worst in the country. While Manziel’s running numbers were much better last year, that stat can be attributed to a new focus on throwing the ball downfield with more frequency and success. Perhaps the most important stat has to do with Manziel’s ability to come up with the big play time and again, leading his team to a number of unexpected victories.

If Heisman voters are able to overlook Manziel’s off-field issues, this will be a landmark year in Heisman history. Manziel is deserving of the trophy again this year simply because he is by far the best player in college football. It will be an absolute travesty if voters choose to ignore his on-field accomplishments simply because of his off-field troubles.

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