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How Will the NFL Season Fare Following the Wave of Injuries?

Posted on 28. Aug, 2013 by in NFL

With the end of preseason about to draw to a close, many fans are wondering what to expect in the coming season. Teams across the country have taken big hits as trusted starters and newly drafted backups alike have sustained a frustrating number of injuries. Football fans have faced tough years in the past, but what can they expect in the upcoming NFL season?

Although some big names have been taken out of the game for some recovery time, the approaching NFL season is unlikely to lay down without a fight. A great many teams, who were little more than filler for the TV schedule just a couple of years ago, are hoping to knock down teams that may have grown far too comfortable in the lasting spotlight. With names like Russell Wilson leading the Seahawks, and RG 3 fueling the Redskins, many fans are hoping for a surprise gem in their own roster this year to even the odds.

Following some smart trades and having time to rethink the previous year, teams like the Detroit Lions and even the Arizona Cardinals could have the chance to cause a real stir in their divisions. Potential big-name players on special teams and defenses are also gearing up for their chance to show NFL fans what they can do in the coming matchups.

Preseason has dealt a number of teams an unexpected hand, but like their fans, NFL teams are proving to be resilient. More than ready for the kick-off of the new NFL season, everyone is sure to be keeping one eye fixed on the games and the other on their fantasy teams.

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