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Get Your Brackets Ready for 2014 March Madness

Posted on 20. Mar, 2014 by in NCAA

If you are a college basketball fan you know that the month of March is a time of intense game time, bracket building, and maybe even some friendly competition between yourself and your friends. March Madness, also known as the Big Dance, was started in 1939 by Harold Olsen, the head basketball coach at Ohio State University. Today, the nationwide tournament is organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and draws millions of viewers and bracket participants each year.

Every March, 68 teams participate in the tournament, sparking a frenzy of basketball fans across the country to bet and wager on who will be crowned the national champions. The NCAA gives credit to Bob Walsh of the Seattle Organizing Committee for beginning the celebration that is now March Madness, back in 1984. For three weekends in March, multiple teams in both the low and high-ranking brackets compete, trying to make their way to the Sweet Sixteen and eventually the Final Four. The final games are typically played during the first weekend of April.

This year’s tournament is sure to be full of surprises, controversy, and the occasional upset win. With both men’s and women’s college basketball teams playing each year, the tournament does create quite a stir in communities across the country. Clothing, mugs, and other accessories are manufactured and distributed during each March Madness tournament and even more are sold when the champions are crowned.

If you want to experience this traditional tournament for yourself, then today is the day to start looking for and purchasing your tickets. You can buy them through many online retailers, and it is important to note that any person entering the basketball arenas will need a ticket. However, you can also watch the games from the comfort of your own home. Many people enjoy inviting friends and family to their homes to partake in the games while enjoying food, drinks, and time with loved ones.

March Madness is sure to continue as a favorite tradition of many college basketball fans for many years to come. With the possibility each year for upsets and the determination of the favored teams, it can be an exciting time both basketball and non-basketball fans alike.

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