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Excitement at the End of Baseball Season

Posted on 20. Sep, 2013 by in MLB

Even with the MLB season ending, there are still many reasons to get excited about baseball.  Finding out if a team will get in the playoffs motivates many fans to pay more attention to box scores.  On the other hand, even for those teams without a chance of making the playoffs, end of year awards like the Cy Young and MVP and Gold Gloves always generate a healthy and entertaining debate.  

The World Series is the pinnacle of the baseball world.  The success or failure of some teams seem to be a foregone conclusion by mid-September, but the possibility of making the wild card helps keep things interesting for many other teams until their final games.  Two wild card teams in each league have a one game playoff, which is followed by a five game division series, a seven game league championship series, and the ultimate competition for any baseball player, the World Series.

In baseball, statistics and awards are the source of a great deal of pride.  At the end of the season, batters value the highest totals of home runs, runs batted in, and batting average.  Pitchers, on the other hand, value high numbers of wins, strikeouts, and saves, but a low earned run average.  Gold Glove awards are given to the best fielders at each position, while Silver Sluggers are given to the best offensive player at each position.  The Cy Young award is awarded to the best pitcher in each league, and the MVP is given to the person known as the most valuable player to their team.  With the MLB season ending, it is time for fans to debate the award winners and get excited about playoff seedings.

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