Did We Witness the Craziest Super Bowl Ever?

Posted on 06. Feb, 2015 by in NFL

Super Bowl | XLSportsBlog.comIt has been almost a week since the big game and the nation is still buzzing from one of the most memorable Super Bowls in history. From the “Deflategate” controversy to the historic implications of Tom Brady’s fourth Super Bowl win to a halftime show featuring a dancing shark who quickly became an internet darling, this year’s Super Bowl was full of drama and intrigue. Here is a rundown of what exactly made this year’s game one of the best ever.

Villains Galore

For what seems like ages, casual and hardcore football fans alike have been united in their utter hatred of the Patriots. From the various controversies shrouding their accomplishments to the gruff public persona of their coach and overlord Bill Belichick, the Patriots have always been a lightning rod for controversy. The same is true of the Seattle Seahawks. Seemingly coming out of nowhere in the last few years, the Seahawks have a rabidly loyal fan base and are led by Pete Carroll, a man who has won national championships at the college and pro level. Like Belichick, Carroll has courted controversy since his days at USC. Putting the two together truly made for a scintillating matchup.

A Star is Born: Left Shark

Any discussion of the game would be incomplete without mentioning the true star of Super Bowl XLIX: Left Shark. During Katy Perry’s otherwise pedestrian halftime performance, one of the dancing sharks flanking her was seemingly making up his own dance moves on the spot. This made for hilarious viewing and perfect twitter fodder, as the internet is still abuzz with articles and memes chronicling Left Shark’s exploits.

An Epic Game, An Epic Collapse

After all the build-up and all the talk of legacies, the game somehow managed to surpass the expectations of fans everywhere. The Seattle Seahawks were on the verge of winning a second straight Super Bowl title when they inexplicably passed the ball while on the 1 yard line instead of running it in. The pass was intercepted and the Patriots held on to win. Such an epic collapse, combined with the historical implications of the Patriots winning their 4th title, makes Super Bowl XLIX the craziest ever.


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