Details of the ATP World Tour Finals |

Details of the ATP World Tour Finals

Posted on 14. Nov, 2013 by in Tennis

The 2013 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals is currently underway in London.  This ATP tournament is the only tournament that takes place on indoor hard courts and is the championship for players participating in the ATP Tour.  In order to qualify for the ATP World Finals you have to be one of the top eight players.  To be a top eight player you have accumulated the most points in other tournaments throughout the year.  The other tournaments consist of Grand Slams, ATP World Tour, and the Davis Cup. 

The format of this ATP tournament is a little different than others.  First, the top eight players are divided into groups of four, with the first and second seed players always in opposite groups.  It is set up in a round-robin format, meaning all players will play each other in their group of four.  The two players from each group with the best record then advance to the semifinals.  During this stage, the winners of a group take on the runners-up of the opposite group.  At this point, if you lose you are automatically knocked out of the tournament.  All matches are the best of three.

This ATP tournament is very exciting to follow.  Because the ATP World Tour Finals only takes the top eight players (no wildcards), you will rarely see a bad match.  Every single player has grand slam caliber, so there are typically no blowouts.  All matches are played on indoor courts allowing for more variety in the styles of play.  With variety comes faster play.  You will see a lot of serve-and-volley playing which is not normal throughout most of the year. The other exciting element is the round-robin format.  It gives all participants the opportunity to recover if they lose a match.  Many players will lose one match and still have the potential to move on to the next round.

It is bound to be another thrilling year at the ATP World Tour Finals.  The top eight contenders are powerhouses and will give some incredible matches to watch.

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