Current Standings for the 2013 MLB Playoffs |

Current Standings for the 2013 MLB Playoffs

Posted on 10. Oct, 2013 by in MLB

The MLB Playoffs are an exciting time for any baseball fan. Many people gear up for the playoffs by rooting on their favorite teams, sporting their baseball jerseys and maybe even sending up a little prayer that their team will make it to the World Series.

The 2013 playoffs have already been full of excitement, pride, and loss. One of the surprises of of the playoffs has been the success of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Their win against the Saint Louis Cardinals has pushed brought them to stand with two wins in a row. Their next game in the series will happen at home and fans are hoping that their winning streak will continue with the spirit of Pittsburgh pulsing through the baseball field.

The Los Angeles Dodgers won their game against the Atlanta Braves on Sunday October 6. With a final score of 13-6, their victory gave them a 2-1 standing in the National League Division series. In Boston, the Red Sox fans have been dancing in the streets as their team has won a spot in the American League Championship Series. After a tense and nail biting game against the Tampa Bay Rays, the Red Sox were able to tackle the rays with a crazy pitch and lots of extraordinary teamwork. This will be the Red Sox first trip back to the American League Champion Ship game since 2008.

The MLB Playoffs have surprised sports fans and brought crowds to feet, or knees, depending on the outcome, for years. It is a tradition of American baseball that continues to entertain and keep baseball fanatics on their toes.

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