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Clippers Get Their Coach

Posted on 27. Jun, 2013 by in NBA

After a week and a half of speculation and rumors the Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics have finally reached a deal that will make former Celtics coach Doc Rivers the man calling the shots for “Lob City” next season.  In exchange for trading their coach the Celtics acquired the Clippers 2015 first round draft pick, making the deal much smaller than expected as it had been theorized that the Clippers would be sending Deandre Jordan in that trade while gaining 18-year veteran Kevin Garnett.  However, the league office stepped in and did not approve this trade and furthermore has banned these two teams from trading players between one another for an entire season.  Many believe Garnett is strongly tied to Rivers and despite his no-trade clause will be wearing a Clipper jersey in the upcoming season.

Rivers coached 9 seasons in Boston helping to pull the NBA’s most successful franchise out of a 20-plus year title drought when in 2008 they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers to earn the franchises 17th championship.  Although Boston has been a title contender each of the past 5 seasons they only captured that one championship and, as well, their “Big 3” of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Garnett disbanded last season as Allen helped the Miami Heat in winning back to back championships this season.  In addition, Pierce and Garnett have tons of mileage and even though they are hall of famers, can no longer solely carry a franchise to a championship.

The Clippers signed Rivers to a 3-year 21 million dollar contract as well as making him VP of Basketball Operations which should give him a lot of persuasion in the realm of player acquisitions and development and could potentially find him working his way up in the front office.

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