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Biggest Change to NFL’s Safety Rules

Posted on 18. Nov, 2013 by in NFL

The game of football is a high contact sport and results in a lot of injuries.  The severity of a football injury can range any where from a minor bruise to a catastrophic neck injury. Every year the National Football League is making changes to rules and adding new rules and regulations to make the game safer.  A lot of controversy has followed and will continue to follow the changes made to the NFL safety rules. 

One of the most common injuries suffered by football players is a concussion.  To avoid concussions from occurring a new rule was established for the 2013-2014 season.  The new rule states that outside of the tackle box no runners or tacklers are permitted to instigate contact with the crown of their helmet on any part of the opposing player’s body.  This new NFL safety rule was established to not only decrease the amount of concussions that occur, but to stop the use of helmets as weapons.  The penalty for not following the rule is a loss of 15-yards for unnecessary roughness.

The new rule has stirred up some controversy and discussion.  Many NFL experts say the new rule plays in favor of the offensive player because they are no longer intimidated by getting hit and the defensive player is very limited on how they can tackle and hit.  It is also argued that the numbers of knee, hip, and ankle injuries are going to skyrocket.  If it is no longer an option to make contact with the crown of their helmet many players lower extremities will be hit frequently resulting in a lot of career ending leg injuries.

The question you have to ask is which injury is more dangerous, a concussion or a leg injury?  The NFL safety rules are in place to protect the player’s health and safety first and foremost.  The league wants players to be able to stay in the game as long as possible and not be forced from the league due to too many concussions or another serious injury.  Because the players are getting bigger and stronger every year, it is important that changes are made to keep the game as safe as possible.

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